What are the main advantages of automation ?

With the right tools, it can be very easy and interesting to automate IT operations. Understanding what these benefits are, as well as some of the obstacles, is crucial to developing support for an operations automation project. You'll learn about the benefits of automation in this article.

Cost reduction

All companies are facing global pressure to boost profitability. One approach is to reduce costs. However, reducing data center capacity has a negative impact on the entire enterprise. Hence the need software for accounts receivable. Automation software is a smarter, more efficient approach to controlling and reducing costs. The most important thing is to enhance the service provided to the customer (end user) while reducing costs in a systematic way.


The issue of productivity becomes fundamental as the technology needs of a business increase. Typically, IT operations have taken a backseat as other industries have been equipped with tools to boost their productivity and efficiency. The proliferation of personal productivity software has brought significant gains to office and HR environments. But instead of reducing the workload for IT staff, the proliferation of PCs increased the number of tasks to be completed.


Productivity is an obvious benefit of automation, but the reliability gain is even more important. It is the cornerstone of any successful IT department, which without reliability leaves room for confusion, chaos and user dissatisfaction. IT operations require two opposing skill sets: On the one hand, operations personnel must have good technical skills that include understanding the intricacies of an operating system and analyzing and resolving problems in a timely manner. On the other hand, this person must be content with pushing buttons and loading paper. 

Admittedly, on-call operations are often among the most tedious, repetitive and error-prone tasks in an IT organization. But when you remove the human factor, you eliminate most errors from batch processing.

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