Mexican towns refuse to get vaccinated

Most towns in Mexico are refusing to get the vaccine due to huge misinformation campaigns and distrust of the Mexican government. This has led to speculation about whether the government will make the vaccination mandatory for its citizens. The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said in a statement to the press that inoculating all Mexicans against COVID-19 is a priority of his government. He added that the vaccine rollout will proceed in stages.  Most Mexicans living in small towns don't trust the vaccine  Research has shown that there is a huge distrust of the vaccine among residents living in small towns. In Aldama, some residents said they won't take the vaccine. They added that they do not care where it comes from or about the government's vaccine plan.   When asked if she would get the vaccine, Maria Magdalena Santos, a resident in the town said she doesn't see why she should get vaccinated as she is not sick or infected.  Another reason why towns have refused to t... See more