Little by little, we are seeing the end of the coronavirus tunnel, and we will soon be going to concerts in nightclubs or better travel to new horizons. We have prepared a small selection of countries that await your visit after this health crisis.

The Isla del Meridiano

This Spanish island has everything to make you dream, a landscape that will take your breath away. This island offers you a natural spectacle in total security, so much so that the inhabitants of this island trust each other that it is not rare that they leave their cars and their houses constantly open. The amateurs of culinary tourism will be able to test new flavors and taste the local wine which will not leave you indifferent. You will like this island so much that you will even consider buying a house there, this website will help you.


Sumatra is an Indonesian island eclipsed by its sister island Bali. One of the largest islands in the world shows the realities of Indonesia. Sumatra unlike its sister has not been flooded by mass tourism and will allow you to relax in peace and explore the wonders of this island without being in a constant rush. If you decide to visit this island, you must visit Toba Lake, a lake with the right temperature for you and your friends to swim in.


Japan is no longer a country to be presented. Known around the world for its anime, but it is also one of the safest countries in the world. In addition to the security that this country offers. The country of the rising sun will make you dream with its sanctuaries, its palace, and its temples. You must visit the port city of Osaka for its magical nights.