For a company, it has always been essential to foster a good relationship with the customers. Therefore, very capable customer service is needed to succeed in this aspect of marketing. So, creating a chatbot on different websites, pages, and social networks is necessary. What to know then about the chatbot Messenger? This article is well placed to answer you.

What is a Messenger chatbot?

A chatbot is first of all a computer program created to imitate and process a human conversation that allows people to interact as if they were communicating with real people. You can read the article to have more information. Messenger is an instant messaging or exchange application that is an excellent and fast way to communicate. So, if we look closely, we can imagine the result of the creation of a chatbot on a Messenger account. In fact, Messenger is a tool that is widely used by ordinary people and by companies as well, since they can use it to communicate with their customers. Therefore, not being able to be active every 24 hours to respond to the requests or concerns of customers, creating a chatbot on their Messenger would be a better option. The chatbot Messenger can thus simulate conversations and provide customer service and schedule appointments.

What is the chatbot Messenger operation?

The main objective of creating a chatbot for a company is to improve the relationship between customer service and customers. On Messenger, thanks to the application program to the Facebook-Messenger interface, the chatbot can easily communicate with users. In fact, it is a very effective way to make a company available for its customers and to do its marketing well if it is in the field. The communication on a chatbot can be done through texts, images, videos, and buttons. To communicate on a chatbot, you will just have to click first on a Facebook-Messenger button that you will have chosen on a page. Then you click the button for messages and you will see a chat window. And this chat window will certainly contain a presentation of the company's products or a welcome message; it depends on how the company had formatted the chatbot when it was created. And you ask your concern. And that's it.