A chatbot is a computer program that is set up to perform a specific activity and to answer questions. It is then a question of artificial intelligence. However, what is a chatbot really for and how does it work? This is the subject of this article.

How a chatbot works

The chatbot is a program that works essentially thanks to its bots. For more details, see it here. These bots are designed to provide a better experience or service to a company's customers. To this end, there are two main types of chatbots, namely basic and advanced bots.

In the case of basic bots, the entire exchange is handled by a conversational agent. The latter uses a library of previously recorded questions and answers to satisfy the needs of customers. All this is done through what is called the "WorkFlow".

In contrast, with advanced or intelligent bots, everything is managed through "natural language and processing technology". This allows the bots to provide a good quality service.

The different benefits of a chatbot

The chatbot serves to make the customer experience easier and better. Indeed, it is a "facilitator" of discussion between customers and sales or marketing structures.

Far from wanting to replace the human being, the chatbot helps companies to take care of the less important tasks. This allows employees to take care of the more important activities to meet customer needs. Thus, the chatbot is used, for example, to inform customers whether or not a product is available. And to give information to customers during a pre-purchase phase. It also executes orders for goods and takes care of complaints.

Where is a chatbot used?

It is used by companies on almost all sales or exchange sites and platforms. Indeed, to get a better exchange with consumers and customers, traders use the chatbot on social networks as well as on websites. Therefore, this computer program is used on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter and Telegram.