Alarms play a very vital and strategic role among your home protection devices.  They are used to detect intruders in homes.  Today, this security method is adopted by many people.  But sometimes, they may experience malfunctions.  So in this article, you will find out how to disarm the alarm without calling a professional.

The steps to follow to deactivate your home alarm without a code

To disarm your alarm without a code, the first thing to do is to unmask the metal case (the alarm).  If you need information on how to deactivate an alarm, you can try here.  It goes without saying that the metal box is most often found in a closed room (perhaps in the garage, bathroom or cellar. It depends on where you placed it during installation.  However, if it is a purchased home, it is best to find out where it is located when you buy it. Note that, this box is connected to your cell phone line so you can easily alert the monitoring agency.

Other tips to deactivate the alarm  

Also, to be able to identify the alarm, you must cut the power and the battery backup.  It is after this step that you will be able to locate the box.  Once you have located the box, you will notice a wire that acts as a power supply between it and the plug-in power transformer.  You unplug it and the alarm will also be automatically disabled.  But for some transformer models, the connection is made next to the junction box or on an electrical panel.  In both cases, if you disconnect one of the transformer wires at the panel, the alarm will be disarmed.

In short, it is important to know that disarming a home alarm without a code is not that difficult.  It is therefore advisable to know the code of your alarm, because some security systems are complex and you can not easily stop the alarm.  To avoid damaging the alarm system, you can also hire a professional to help you disarm it.