France is one of the most popular countries for tourists worldwide. The reasons for this are many and varied : culinary art, fashions, culture, etc. One of the newly discovered and popular holiday destinations is Riquewihr. It is one of the villages steeped in incredible stories located in the east of France. If you plan to go there for your holidays, here is some information to know about the region.

Riquewihr : how to get there ?

Losalized in the East of France, Riquewihr happens to be one of the most beautiful villages located in the Alsace region. It represents one of the destinations that highlights the picturesque charm, history and all the culture of the region. 

You can see this here if you need to know anything else about this destination considered idyllic and captivating by many tourists. To get there, you have different methods : by plane, by train or by road. 

By plane 

Getting there by plane is one of the most convenient options. By choosing this option, you land at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which is located approximately 71 km away. 

Once you get there, you can now use public transport or hire a car to get to Riquewihr. You can also choose to get off at Strasbourg international airport located 75 km away or at Baden-Baden airport located 130 km away in Germany. 

By train 

If you choose to go there by train, be aware that the closest station to Riquewihr is Colmar station located 14 km away. To get there, you must take a TGV from Paris which will take you to Strasbourg. Then you will need to change to a local TER train which will take you directly to Colmar. 

Once in Colmar, you will take a taxi or a bus to reach the village. You can even simply rent a car if you prefer. Note that there are regional buses like line 106 which connect Riquewihr to other nearby towns. 

By road 

Your journey will start from Paris. Once you are there, you will take the A4 motorway which will take you to Strasbourg. Before you arrive in Strasbourg, you will need to exit onto the A35 motorway which goes south towards Colmar. 

You will follow the A35 motorway until exit 21 which is marked Ostheim. Then, you will continue on the D1B and D1B1 roads while paying attention to the indications for Riquewihr. The journey can take between 5 and 6 hours depending on traffic. 

If you are departing from Strasbourg, the journey should take you around 1 hour. If you are departing from Basel in Switzerland, you will head north on the A35 motorway towards Colmar.

How to enjoy your holidays in Riquewihr ?

Long before you arrive in Riquewihr, your vacation has already begun. Once you arrive at your destination, you can enjoy this charming destination in various ways : 

Walk around the city walls

As your first holiday activity, you can start with a leisurely stroll to visit Riquewihr. You can start with the Dolder Tower. From this 16th century gate, you can follow the preserved walls that surround the village. 

You can enjoy a great view of the lush vineyards beyond the walls. Along the way during your visit, you will find quiet corners, picturesque places and hidden gardens. Why not take the opportunity to get away from the bustling main street. 

Take a little break after a long walk

After your long walk, why not take a short break to recharge your batteries and enjoy the Alsatian delights. In this region, pastries are very popular. You will find small cakes called bredala (in the regional language), koulland or jam pies. 

If you accompany them with a tea or a coffee, you will be in heaven for sure. You can make a stop either at La Maison Alsacienne De Biscuiterie located at 2 or 49 rue du Général De Gaulle in Riquewihr. Or you can go to Kouglopf & Cie located at 17 rue de la Couronne in Riquewihr.