IHerb is an online store that is in full swing in the world today. Thus, it is possible to buy your various products there. Buying from this store can be very expensive. But there are some tips to save money. So what are these tips? Discover them by reading this writing carefully.

Use combined discounts

The first tip to save money in the iHerb online store is to make use of the combined discounts. Continue reading by visiting https://herb-promo.com/kr/. In order to take full advantage of the various discount offers, you should definitely place orders. Indeed, this first tip is the easiest one. On the site, you will see that almost all of the products are grouped with several others. This will mean that when you buy two products, you get an extra discount. In this way, you have the opportunity to save up to $10.

Use automated delivery

The second tip to save money on iHerb is to make use of automated delivery. The latter is sort of like a subscription to certain so-called specific products. For example, when you are taking certain medications on a regular basis, this can be beneficial for you. When it comes to a subscription purchase, the customer can decide how often the product is shipped. That is, they can decide to have the products shipped monthly, bi-monthly or every six months. This trick allows the reduction of product prices by up to 5%.

Use the "iHerb direct purchase" method

This method, as the name suggests, involves buying directly from the iHerb online store. When you decide to use this method, you have the opportunity to purchase your products directly from the United States. This will allow you to buy products at a much lower price than other shopping malls. In addition, to save on iHerb, you can also use the iHerb Payco coupon. This can give you a discount of up to 20%.