Due to the effect of globalization and the evolution of new technologies, the internet is full of more and more sensitive and private data. Over time, this has spawned a dangerous phenomenon for businesses and individuals : cyberattacks. The security of websites and servers has become a major issue for companies. Server-level vulnerabilities can cause serious consequences and damage the reputation of companies. Fortunately, various methods are in place today to deal with these types of attacks. Nevertheless, it is important that their implementation be entrusted to experts.

Why do you need to make sure your website or server is secure ?

Securing your website or server is necessary for several reasons. Indeed, in addition to protecting you against unwanted intrusions, the protection of your site allows you to reassure your prospects to make them loyal customers. 

It happens that when a customer wants to subscribe to a SaaS application, for example, he asks questions about the cybersecurity of the company. You must at this time meet the expectations of the prospect to prevent him from going elsewhere. 

Be aware that if your website or server is poorly protected, it could have serious consequences for your business. Cybercriminals could access your sensitive information, paralyze your business activity, steal your private data‚Ķ 

It is therefore very important that you secure your website. This is done by using best practices in terms of integration, development, monitoring and security testing of the company's website. 

By entrusting the task of securing your business to an expert like KoDDoS, you can expect to benefit from foolproof protection. You will thus be able to protect yourself from cyber threats, use a practical host, improve your natural referencing and protect your company's image.

Why entrust this task to KoDDoS ?

Today, you should know that the frequency of cyberattacks is only increasing due to the excessive volume of sensitive data on the Internet. You will therefore need advanced network security measures to deal with each situation and secure your company. 

This is precisely what KoDDoS offers you with its experts. KoDDoS is a specialist in high-end hosting and website protection against all types of cyberattacks. To ensure the security of its employees' websites, it uses the latest technologies and advanced infrastructures. 

This allows it to offer highly effective anti-DDoS defense mechanisms. As mentioned earlier, the experts at KoDDoS use sophisticated technology and quality hardware to ensure you get the proper hosting experience. 

At the same time, they will be able to secure your data without any real difficulty. If you find yourself in a disadvantageous situation and need their assistance, you can contact them at any time. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any troubleshooting and to answer your online business concerns.

Also, remember that KoDDoS servers are connected to at least 1 GbpS. You will benefit from better connectivity and excellent availability with them. About the anti-DDoS service, KoDDoS offers its customers popular DDoS service packages with excellent value for money.