One Moto, a green company that produces electric vehicles like cars, motorcycles, etc. wants to replace the amount of gas and fuel-powered vehicles on the road. The company is attempting to reduce the quantity of carbon emissions produced by cars.

The CEO- Adam Ridgway- said in an interview that his mission was to change the way people move to businesses, shops, etc. He is also attempting to change the method in which deliveries are made to homes and businesses.

One Moto seeks to change the amount of emissions released by delivery motorcycles

According to Ridgway, the company’s top priority is in reducing the amount of gas-powered motorcycles, starting in Dubai. Approximately 15,000 motorcycles ply Dubai roads every day, and they produce a huge amount of C02 that would take 270,000 trees years to reduce.

Almost 270 million motorcycles are in circulation worldwide. Ridgway added that most delivery motorcycles are a huge source of pollution, but they aren’t paid any attention by members of the public and environmental activists.

Electric motorcycles are estimated to become popular in the nearest future. Data from McKinsey & Company has evaluated the electric motorcycle market to be worth up to $300 -- $500 billion by 2030.  

Electric vehicle companies lack access to proper infrastructure

Although the industry is growing, most of them lack access to proper infrastructure. According to a report, most cities can't support the companies’ growth. The report also added that most regions won’t be able to support the public if electric-powered vehicles increase, citing congestion and safety risk as possible outcomes.  

One Moto is already present in some middle eastern and African markets. They also secured a huge sum in an investment round. The companies plan is bold, and it plans to replace almost all the gas-powered motorcycles operating in Dubai by the end of 2021. 

When asked why, he replied: "I just want to make change," he says. "I just want to make, ideally, a big difference in this little planet of ours."