Many people today prefer to use their mobile phones to make video recordings than to use a camera. In fact, with the evolution of technology, the smartphone has the functionality to create videos, you just need to know how to do it. In this guide we will give you two methods to create videos with Android. old

Use the android's built-in camera to make time lapse videos

First of all the Time Lapse for those who are not fluent in English means accelerator of video made, it gives an ultra accelerated effect successive on the images. On the web, it is a new trend recently. To do this, you can use the camera of your phone. Indeed the camera has features that can allow you to create ultra accelerated videos, but you need to have the latest version to make it easier. To find out more, check out here for some interesting articles. So, to create a video with your Android, go to the camera, switch to video mode and in the settings find the option to change the speed. Once you find the option, you hold your mobile steady to start recording.

Use video maker apps

Don't worry if your phone doesn't have the video accelerator feature, there are a plethora of apps that can help you make accelerated videos. Just go to the playstore to make your choice. Inshot, for example, is an application that makes it easy to edit videos and photos. It allows you to edit your videos to your liking. In addition, Time lapse is also one of the best Android apps for making accelerated videos. It offers you manual controls over your video recordings.

To make producing accelerated videos easier for you, simply adopt this application adapted to the android system. It is easily downloadable. With this application, you have at your fingertips a tool that makes your life easier.