There are different musical instruments, like the handpan. Your choice should not be made at random. We want to help you to do it.

What is the right choice between a handpan and a gang?

Although these two terms originally refer to the same instrument, they now refer to different things. Gangs are now sold at high prices. This is due to the quality of the sound they produce. However, it is also possible to find good handpan for sale.

The technique of making handpans has evolved a lot today. The new handpans can produce a wider range of sounds and the sound is more pleasant to hear. Their price varies between 800 and 6000 euros for a palette of 7 to 30 pots. Some handpan models are made of stainless steel to guarantee long term use of the instrument.

Size is an important factor

When choosing a handpan, size is an essential factor. You can choose it according to your preferences. However, the smaller the pot, the easier it is to carry. Apart from that, a pot of about 30 centimeters in diameter can even fit in a backpack and does not even weigh 2 kilos.

As soon as you start to cross this threshold, the tool becomes heavier and heavier. So before you decide on a particular pot, you need to ask yourself whether you are a sedentary or a nomad. In addition, the size also has an impact on the sound produced by the instrument. The larger the hand pot, the larger the sound box.

The handpan is an instrument that can give you pleasure if you have the right instrument. To get it, you need to meet certain criteria and features. You just need to follow the experts to do everything right.