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In Block N Roll the objective is to put the block through the hole by rolling it. It only goes in a certain way and there are obstacles in the play area that you need to interact with to reach your goal. Be sure to add your comments about this game.

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played 21,603 times - last played Friday February 22, 2019 07:04:23 AM
Rating: 2.1/5 (252 votes cast)
Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:10 am
idk said: this makes e want to punch my computer but i'm not
Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:22 pm
fussy said: this game too easy
Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:34 pm
jamie said: what is the game passcode for level 30?
Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:28 pm
amiel said: It cool
Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:04 pm
Neicy said: This is the ONLY game I come back to to play!!!!!! It soothes away my stress..makes me think evenmoreso!
Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:36 pm
vivek nishad said: may finesh all level 33
Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:10 pm
vivek nishad said: this is may best game of may life now i play 30 level
Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:04 pm
vivek nishad said: my best game have
Thu Jul 24, 2014 4:41 am
Fraz Mehdi said: I can't pass level 23
Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:49 am
brandyn said: this game is crap can't even get the thing to work and i have only been on it for two minutes and it said that i have wasted 33 minutes
Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:01 am
Tianlong said: I can't pass level 16!
Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:35 am
Sabrina said: i cant get past stage 11 it seems impossible
Thu May 08, 2014 4:49 am
TJ said: Best Thing Ever !!!!!!!!!
Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:58 pm
shaima said: love this game gives me a headache though
Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:36 am
laurie said: love it!
Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:55 pm
Neicy said: I gave this to my 5th grade class...they loved it!!!
Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:46 pm
harley said: Great game

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