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Quote of the Day
"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."
   (Sarah) Margaret Fuller (1810-50)
American writer, critic, "Woman in the Nineteenth Century"
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Daily Pisces
The Moon in its Balsamic phase today. A New Moon occurs tomorrow, and its dynamic energy is sure to shift your interests, attention, and primary focus. It's better to reflect than to take action right now during this transition. It's an "old" Moon, and just as the Moon is dark in the sky, you may not be seeing your next move just yet. If someone's making you feel claustrophobic this morning, it may be a sign that you are giving up too much for the sake of peace and at the expense of your inner happiness. Energy levels are not running exceptionally high right now, particularly when it comes to your personal plans. Aim to find your emotional center and listen to your heart.
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