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"Somehow he [Tim] gets thoughtful sitting by himself so much, and thinks the strangest things you ever heard. He told me, coming home, that he hoped the people saw him in the church, because he was a cripple, and it might be pleasant for them to remember upon Christmas Day, who made lame beggars walk, and blind men see."
   Charles Dickens (1812-70)
English novelist, fiction writer
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Daily Scorpio
There can be a pleasant buzz surrounding your home life today. While you can be a little retiring right now as you're attracted to familiar people, situations, and places, you nevertheless need a little extra excitement on an emotional level today. An intellectual or emotional retreat may be in order, and if not at home, you need a space to call your own right now. You have a greater need for security these days, and activities that support this need are highly favored now. It's a good time to shop or budget.
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